Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What not to do....

So. We all want somethings sometimes. And sometimes we want these things so badly that we don't wait for the right things to come along. I see this happen so often when people decide that they want to start playing the Double Bass. One word. Patience. Please have patience. Do your research. Talk to folks like me or me for that matter. Or you might end up like this poor guy.

So, nameless customer comes to me a few months ago with a bass he found online for only $500! Brand new! Now there are lots of companies overseas making these "economy instruments" and while they'll put a brand new, shiny bass in your hand for cheap,... buyer beware. You'll spend at least twice as much getting them set-up. And once you have 'em set up they still are what they are. A cheap bass. They look pretty and all but take a look inside. The biggest problem with these basses is the materials (woods, glues, fittings, etc.) are from the bottom of the barrel. Take a good look at the picture. What you're looking at is the neck block inside the bass. This is there to stablize and support the neck and to withstand the tension the strings are putting on the bass. The one in the picture, look closely, HAS A HUGE CRACK IN IT! It's rotten. Literally. This brand new shiny bass is made out of rotton wood and glued together with white glue (more about glue soon...) and is set up with strings that seem more appropriate to be used as piano wire. Ugh. I see it so often. It makes my job of setting them up harder and more time consuming AND although said customer has spent at least another $500 to set up a $500 bass, the bass is still only worth $500.

So, think about it. Save up a little more money and shop around. Call me. Find your best option for your budget and get something that will acutally appreciate in value. Your experience as a beginner to the Double Bass will be a more pleasant one, and you're much more likely to excel with an instrument that sounds and plays it's best. Trust me on this one....

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