Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No time to blog lately....

But hopefully that's going to change real soon. You see, I've been working long days on one particular bass that I have had a long relationship with. It's a beautiful old instrument belonging to a dear customer. A customer I am more than pleased to call a friend as well as one of my best clients. Well, the poor bass suffered quite an injury during an outdoor concert with the Oregon Symphony about a month ago and well, that's where my month of September went. Sometimes I find it hard to stop working on an instrument. It becomes such a part of my life during the repair that I almost don't want it to be over. (which is hilarious because I am soooo looking forward a real nights sleep...) Anyway, we're a the end, for now. A strong impact wound to the upper top of the bass resulted in a full bass bar crack and due to the fragility of the instrument to begin with, there was a whole lot of reinforcement to do. Take a look at the pictures... I just got her all glued up tonight (special thanks to Chris for the muscle). More about this bass soon, but for now, bed. Goodnight.

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